Transforming the Difficult Child
The Nurtured Heart Approach

Authors: Howard Glasser, MA and Jennifer Easley, MA
224pp; size 210 X 145mm; tables
Trade paperback;
ISBN 0-958-46112-0
Therapists and educators in effect give up when they accept that some trauma a child has experienced as an etched ‘circuit board for the child’s life. Parents give up, too, because it’s hard to get the right combination of advice and tips that work with intense children.

A child on the playground spends much less time being angry, upset and making the world an ugly place for himself and others. He is playing more, getting along beautifully and learning life skills that will continue to extend success everywhere he goes: at school, at home, in relationships and even later in business. That’s a lot brighter future for a child who seemed destined to become a life-long bully.

How did this transformation happen. The Nurtured Heart Approach techniques developed and refined by Howard Glasser create small, daily miracles in the lives of children and the people who care for them.

And how is it done? No secret ingredients are required – all you need is love – as the Beatles used to sing. And that is something that every parent and teacher has in abundance. All you need to know is how to apply that love and Howard Glasser provides his unique formula.

Howard Glasser, a family therapist and behavioural strategist has been training parents, teachers and therapists in Tucson USA for many years and now conducts workshops and seminars throughout the  world.

His important Transforming the Difficult Child is now available to teachers and parents in South Africa through Galago for the first time.

It is an essential book for parents and teachers. The principles apply to children from toddlers to teenagers.


Media reviews:

It’s frustrating for parents when their child is under-performing, or constantly misbehaving despite all efforts to discipline them. Glasser and Easley maintain, however, if you have a ‘difficult child’ or one with ADHD, the secret is not in punishment or drug therapy but rather the correct parenting approach. By concentrating on the positive aspects of the child and their behaviour, you can drastically reduce the negative, and by doing so, you’ll transform your child into a successful, obedient, pleasant person.

Your Family , South Africa

Readers' Comments:

This is the approach I recommend . . .

Patch Adams, MD, renowned US physician

I love your book. I wish I had read it years ago when I adopted two difficult boys, now 19 and 21.

Barb Deltgen — USA

I am filled with hope for my seven-year-old grandson who has been diagnosed as having ADHD. I am also filled with remorse that no such approach was available for me to pursue with my eldest daughter who is now almost 40.

Sonja Heimich — USA

As an administrator of a learning centre for students with emotional disturbances, I have witnessed the amazing impact the Nurtured Heart Approach has had on our students.

Pamela Harsacky — Director Warren County Learning Centre, USA

Our nine-year-old grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD and Aspberger’s Syndrome. A wonderful counsellor Susan Bayne introduced us to the Nurtured Heart Approach . . . the changes in our home have been absolutely amazing.

Doug and Carol McGachey — USA




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