Transforming the Difficult Child
The Nurtured Heart Approach
by Howard Glasser, MA and Jennifer Easley, MA

Therapists and educators in effect give up when they accept that some trauma a child has experienced as an etched ‘circuit board for the child’s life. Parents give up, too, because it’s hard to get the right combination of advice and tips that work with intense children.

A child on the playground spends much less time being angry, upset and making the world an ugly place for himself and others. He is playing more, getting along beautifully and learning life skills that will continue to extend success everywhere he goes: at school, at home, in relationships and even later in business. That’s a lot brighter future for a child who seemed destined to become a life-long bully.

How did this transformation happen. The Nurtured Heart Approach techniques developed and refined by Howard Glasser create small, daily miracles in the lives of children and the people who care for them.

And how is it done? No secret ingredients are required – all you need is love – as the Beatles used to sing. And that is something that every parent and teacher has in abundance. All you need to know is how to apply that love and Howard Glasser provides his unique formula.




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