Selous Scouts: Top Secret War

by Lt Col Ron Reid Daly as told to Peter Stiff

752pp; 180 X 112-mm; 16 pp b/w illustrations
Paperback ISBN 0-620-06674-1; non fiction


Standard hardback edition:
432pp; size 242 X 168mm; black and white and colour pics, maps, in-text illustrations; ISBN 0-620-O60098-3. Signed by Peter Stiff.

This is the story of the Selous Scouts Regiment of Rhodesia, which was formed in 1973 and abolished without benefit of formal disbandment, when Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF took power after the British supervised elections in 1980.

Its purpose on formation was the clandestine elimination of ZANLA and ZIPRA guerrillas, both within and outside Rhodesia. Their success in this field can be gauged by the fact that Combined Operations Rhodesia, officially credited them with either directly or indirectly being responsible for the deaths of 68% of all guerrillas killed within Rhodesia during the war - losing less than 40 Selous Scouts in the process.


Media reviews:

The exploits of the Selous Scouts will ever be a reminder of the courage of individuals and an example of esprit de corps that ranks amongst the finest in military history . . .
Natal Mercury -

The Selous Scouts became the toughest and most efficient killing machine in Africa. A fascinating and well illustrated account . . .
The Star -

It is a soldier’s story about soldiers, so it is lacking in heroics but not in heroism . . . uncompromisingly honest . . .
Daily Despatch -
East London

Its members consisted of some of the finest guerrilla-fighting men in the Western world, unconventional in many ways, disregardful of parade-ground discipline, unorthodox in their dress, yet a force so tightly knit in the face of danger that those who knew anything about them could only marvel . . .
The Citizen -



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