See You In November
the Story of Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice : An SAS Assassin
by Peter Stiff


320pp, size 242 X 168mm, 
25pp b/w and colour illustrations 
Trade soft cover,
ISBN/Bar code: 978-1-919-85436-6
Non fiction.

Photo insert (Left)

Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice (centre wearing SAS beret and carrying a sword) facing Colonel Brian Robinson (former-Commander Rhodesian SAS) with Lieutenant-General Peter Walls (former commander Rhodesian Combined Operations) looking over Alan’s left shoulder. They were with a group of ex-Rhodesian servicemen who had gathered at Oribi Airport, Pietermaritizburg, South Africa, for a fun parachute jump in the 1990s.

Photo insert (Right):-
Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice’s CIO team caused absolute mayhem in Zambia with the objective of causing discention between ZANU, ZAPU and the Zambian Government

Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice, an indomitable former member of Britain’s elite 22-SAS Regiment, led a Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) secret assassination team in hostile Zambia comprising himself, Hugh ‘Chuck’ Hind (also of 22-SAS) and Ian and Priscilla Sutherland, whose Zambian farm was used as their rear base. Their orders were to create divisions between the two Rhodesian dissident organisations, Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU/ZIPRA (backed by Soviet Russia) and Robert Mugabe’s ZANU/ZANLA (backed by Red China), both rear-based in Lusaka.

This true story tells how for six years they led both dissident parties by their noses in a bewildering dance of death and destruction, successfully leading each to believe the other was responsible for their woes. 

They blew up, machine gunned and rocketed ZIPRA’s Lusaka HQ four times and ZANLA’s Lusaka HQ twice. To stir Zambia’s disenchantment with hosting the dissidents they bombed both the Central Post Office and the Times of Zambia’s and blasted an imperial stone lion off its plinth at the High Court leaving obvious clues behind them. When President Nyerere of Tanzania openly criticised Joshua Nkomo, they bombed his Lusaka Embassy ‘in retaliation’. In March 1975 they eliminated ZANU’s Chairman, Herbert Chitepo with a car bomb. Certain his death was caused by internal divisions, President Kaunda arrested its top leaders and kicked the organisation out of Zambia — this halted the war in Rhodesia for more than a year.
In 1976 Brice killed ZAPU’s number two man, Jason Moyo, with a parcel bomb.

Brice survived the war and died recently allowing his own name and the real names of active participants and much else to be revealed for the first time. Chuck Hind was killed while on an operation and Ian Sutherland was captured by Zambian security forces. He spent five years in a hell hole that was a Zambian prison as a result.

Herbert Chetepo

An explosive device laid by Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice and his CIO team killed Herbert Chitepo, chairman of ZANU. President Kaunda of Zambia blamed ZANU itself and kicked the organisation out of Zambia.

Jason J Z Moyo
ZAPU’s number two in Zambia, Jason JZ Moyo, was killed by a parcel bomb sent to him by CIO's Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice.

Ex British 22 SAS operator Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice’s team comprised of Hugh ‘Chuck’ Hind (killed on CIO operations in Zambia) and Ian Sutherland (shown here when captured in Zambia) 


Media Reviews:
(When the late Alan Brice was still using the nom de guerre ‘Taffy’)

See you in November by Peter Stiff is a very readable and, until now untold true account of covert intelligence operations by the Rhodesians during the war between 1973 and 1980.
Krugersdorp News, South Africa

The book is highly readable and reveals something of the ultra-dirty secret war fought in southern Africa and abroad during the 1970s. Taffy [Alan Brice] and his team was actively involved in the assassination of a number of people regarded as enemies of the Rhodesian state. This included the chairman of ZANU-PF’s Dare, Herbert Chitepo, by a car bomb, and ZAPU’s Jason Moyo, by a parcel bomb. Taffy also planned and initiated missions aimed at killing Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe that were aborted at the last minute. November was the code name for the attempt on Mugabe’s life during the Lancaster House talks, thus the title.
Financial Mail, Johannesburg

Over a period of six years in Zambia, Taffy’s team which comprised another former British 22-SAS soldier, Chuck Hind and Ian Sutherland, a Zambian farmer carried out a series of brilliant covert operations. Included amongst these were Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF and Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU installations in Zambia, which led to each faction and the Zambians concluding the other was responsible. This culminated in the assassination by the team of Herbert Chitepo, ZANU-PF’s chairman, the man orchestrating their terror war against Rhodesia. This resulted in ZANU-PF’s Military High Command being arrested by the Zambians and the party being kicked out of Zambia. 
Benoni City News, South Africa

This is another of those Rhodesian War books that Peter Stiff does so well . . . The revelations in this book are extremely serious for the future of all of us. Many countries, including Britain, are prepared to kill their political enemies and have highly trained people available to do it. That is nothing new but this books is the most authoritative account of how it is done. It is essential reading for anyone who would understand the dangerous world we live in. Peter Stiff has done us a favour buy telling it without any attempt at whitewashing.
Daily Dispatch, East London

The central character in Peter Stiff’s latest revelations on the Rhodesian War is Taffy [Alan Brice], the pseudonym of a former member of Britain’s elite 22-SAS. In a lengthy, often exciting reconstruction of events, Taffy reveals how he, in collaboration, with the Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), laid plans to assassinate terrorists leaders, including Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe, then operating from bases in Zambia.
The Natal Mercury, KZN - South Africa

Storyteller Peter Stiff has once again disclosed some of the most guarded secrets of the Rhodesian bush war. Taffy [Alan Brice], a former British 22-SAS operator served in Borneo, the Middle East and the Vietnam theatre of war while attached to the Americans. Later as a member of MI6 he was involved in a bid to assassinate Colonel Gadaffi. Later while serving with the Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) with his team members Chuck Hind and Ian Sutherland, he carried out a series of attacks and assassinations at ZAPU and ZANU installations in Zambia. It is a fascinating and true account, which reads like fiction, of a man who had more than a little to do with the famous Green Leader raid on ZAPU bases in Zambia.
The Daily News, Durban

Peter Stiff continues his chronicles on the Rhodesian War with this amazing story of the Central Intelligence Organisation’s externally based hit squad, as told by Taffy [Alan Brice], the leader’s code name . . . This book is well written and full credit is due to Peter Stiff who has put together yet another informative and invaluable historical account of the Rhodesian War. This is a best seller and a must for all readers.
Diamond Fields Advertiser, Kimberley 

Peter Stiff’s first person account of the ex-22-SAS killers solo war in Zambia is a good, chilling read. Steered by Rhodesia’s Central Intelligence Organisation, Taffy [Alan Brice] blew up Herbert Chitepo, then head of ZANU’s war machine. The blame fell on ZANU’s military commander, Josiah Tongogara who, claims Stiff, was later killed in Mozambique because of the murder he didn’t commit. Taffy’s series of attacks on Mugabe’s ZANU and Nkomo’s ZAPU led to bitter infighting between the guerrilla movements, which set back their eventual victory by one or two years.
Frontline, Johannesburg

This book, and a remarkable document it is, tells the story of Taffy [Alan Brice], a former British 22-SAS man read more like James Bond than anything I’ve come across for quite a while, and there were times in this account of of Rhodesia’s no-holds-barred-intelligence war, when my credulity was stretched beyond breaking point. Peter Stiff has earned himself the reputation of being something of an authority on the Rhodesian Bush War and since arriving in the Republic to establish his own publishing company has produced several excellent books on the subject.
SABC’s Talking of Books

This is the story of Taffy, formerly of the British 22-SAS and the British MI6 and latterly of the Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation. To describe Taffy [Alan Brice] as a kind of James Bond would probably insult him because there was no make believe about his operations, no heroics — it was all absolutely dangerously real. Taffy was no ordinary man. He revelled in adventure of an extremely hazardous kind and was singularly well equipped for it. He had to be. Before being invited to join the CIO he had already been involved in SAS/MI6 secret operations in Aden, Thailand, Libya and elsewhere. One marvels at the courage, resourcefulness and iron resolve of Taffy and the men he led or worked with. 
Weekend Post, Durban

The British Government conveniently ignored a book published last year (See You in November by Peter Stiff) which says that MI6 plotted to kill Colonel Gadaffi in 1970. The author, who lives in South Africa, describes the book as a true account given to him by a former 22-SAS and Rhodesian intelligence officer, code named Taffy [Alan Brice]. The plan, according to the book, was to free political prisoners in Tripoli and attack the colonel in his Tripoli residence. But the attacks was foiled at the last moment by the CIA — this was at a time when the US decided that although Gadaffi was anti-west, he was also anti-Soviet. There could be someone worse running Libya, the US argued.
The Guardian, London, August 1986

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