The Communistisation of the ANC
by Gerard Ludi


Non fiction; trade paperback; gloss laminated four colour dust jacket;
Size 242 x 168mm; 368pp; 32 pages black & white pics
ISBN/BAR CODE 978-1-919854-45-8

Gerard Ludi was recruited by SA Intelligence to infiltrate the Communist Party which had gone underground after it was banned in 1950. It was still active, financed by and working under the directions of Moscow with the aim of turning South Africa into a Marxist state.
Marxists had been fomenting and organising labour unrest in South Africa since the early 1890s. By the 1950s they appeared unstoppable. From their first tenuous hold on Russia in 1917 their evil creed had expanded until it was controlling almost half the world — Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Korea, French Indo China, Malaya, Indonesia, Latin America and much of Africa.

Ludi successfully worked his way up the ladder into the inner circle of the communists’ top membership and became trusted by people like Joe Slovo, Ruth First and many other top South African communists. He was so trusted, in fact, that he was despatched to Moscow to be schooled by top KGB officers in the Kremlin. He so impressed the Soviets that they despatched him on a top secret mission to Beijing to seek information that the Soviets required. Ludi soon became one of the most important and successful Western agents working underground in the communist world.

Foolishly, the head of BOSS, General Hendrik van den Bergh, ordered that his cover be broken so that top communist, Bram Fischer could be successfully prosecuted. Ludi did so with reluctance, but his value as a Western agent was lost because of the exposure and he resigned from the Service having become a marked man and a target for assassination. 
However, after a break of a few years he returned to the service to become Chief of the Top Secret and highly successful Clandestine Service, using four different identities he became responsible for controlling many hundreds of witting and unwitting agents operating throughout Africa and in many other countries around the world.

Intelligence was his game.

Comrade Bill Andrews

Comrade Bill Andrews, the founding father of SA Communism. Founded the SACP in July 1921.

Black mineworkers
The Moscow led white communist mine workers murdered black mine workers who refused to strike.

When the non-aggression pact between Stalin and Hitler was signed in 1939, the CPSA's Comrade Bill proclaimed ‘This is an Imperial's war and of no interest to the workers of the world’. Yet, in 1941 when Hitler treacherously invaded Russia the CPSA suddenly became South Africa’s most ardent supporter of the Allied war effort.

Patrick Duncan
Patrick Duncan, who manipulated the 1958 split between the ANC and PAC had a major influence on the PAC’s Robert Sebukwe. He was the CIA’s most important asset in Africa and had been tasked by the Americans to stop a likely SACP/ANC alliance takeover of South Africa.

Joe Slovo
Moscow’s man in South Africa, Joe Slovo, was grooming Chris Hani to succeed Nelson Mandela as State President instead of Thabo Mbeki. This would have fulfilled Stalin’s dream of South Africa becoming a communist state.

Media Reviews:
I started reading Gerard’s book at Christmas and probably managed about a third of it quite quickly and then, as I said earlier, I just kept getting side-tracked... which is no reflection whatsoever on his book as I found it thoroughly interesting/informative and also very funny. I was really impressed and found some of his anecdotes quite extraordinary. It defies belief some of the stuff that goes on really... and although ultimately it’s ultra serious in many ways, I loved some of the more amusing revelations – such as the CIA car that really did flip number plates a la James Bond, and the fact that communists insisted on rank (being called ‘comrade consul’) etc.

Anyway, you must pass on my congratulations to him on getting it all written down so that we all have a record and insight into what went on. I have never felt sympathetic towards the old South African regime, abhorred apartheid, although I’m not completely naive and understand politics in a country when so many people are uneducated is difficult, but neither am I fan of radical socialism/communism and reading Gerard’s book made me understand things from a different perspective I’d not seen before although I did know some of it. I didn’t expect to find the book so informative much less enjoy it as much as I did. Dad really enjoyed it too. It must have been a huge effort for Gerard to write so well done to him. What has the feedback been like?
Sarah Simpson, Author and ex-BBC producer

With the vast number of exciting new books being published, almost on a weekly basis, we do not like to duplicate our reviews in more than one publication at a time. 

However, THE COMMUNISTISATION OF THE ANC by Gerard Ludi, is such an important and powerful book, we feel obliged to bring it to as many people’s attention as possible.

Not only is this an account of one man’s career as an agent recruited by South African intelligence to infiltrate the Communist Party, and how he became so trusted by both parties he was able to work as a double-agent, but it is also an account of how the intention was to turn South Africa completely communist.

Having been trained in Moscow by the KGB and sent to Beijing to seek information on their behalf, Ludi came to have a deep understanding of the aims and mentality of those wishing to spread communism further. The history of communism in South Africa goes back to the early 1900’s when Bill Andrews founded the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) in 1921. Based on the political and economical theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and put into effect by Vladimir Lenin, followed by Mao Zedong in China, communism has, to a larger extent, been disputed by the rest of the world. 

This book, which also reads like an extended James Bond novel but without some of the sex and martinis, takes one behind the scenes of what really happened – and is still going on. It tells of cover-ups, errors of judgement, small incidences and co-incidences that changed the intended course of action, of bravery, stress and hope. 

THE COMMUNISISTISATION OF THE ANC also gives an insight into “the failed system that has produced this unproductive, unskilled Marxist elite” that through open corruption, greed, ‘jobs for the boys’ and miss-governance appears to have so much control over every-day happenings in South Africa. It also raises the question are we seeing “the first major danger signal that perhaps we are taking the first baby steps on the road to Zimbabwe.”

The warning comes through strongly - “Julius Malema......is not the rebel rousing prophet of the disadvantaged as many seem to fear, but a generously funded stooge of a well-heeled ANC faction of Mbeki loyalists who currently feel threatened.” Thabo Mbeki professed himself to be a ‘true Stalinist’ 

Alongside an index of people and events that appear in this book, is a list of acronyms and an outline of understanding Marxist/Leninist terminology, as well as an extensive bibliography. Gerard Ludi has called on his extensive first-hand knowledge and long career, as well as having researched the events in this book.

We are told we should learn from history, but will we?

Lesley Thomson, Lazy Lizard Books - books@africatalks.co.za
(This review will be appearing in three Natal newspapers and will also be broadcast on a Natal radio station)



Readers' Comments:
One would want to say : Please don't depress me but unfortunately all that Gerard mentions is so true.
Lately I hear that we have just spent a further R 2 mil on furniture , yet we do not have money to buy tar to repair the roads.
Although claimed to be a rumour our senior manager Economic developement tempted the easily tempted Mayor on a trip to Disneyworld and came back with grand plans of establishing the same facility in Nelspruit nogal. It now turns out that she seems to be leaving the country to take up a position in Orange County ,USA. Wonderfull way to pay for your interview.
And so one could go on. I just wonder what has happened to the nearly 500 councillors that were side lined by DD during the last Municipal elections. Do you think they have just gone away? or are they happy sitting doing nothing at home.
Jo Koster, Mmbombela City Councillor

Hi Gerard,
I was one of the first people to go to CNA & get the copy of your book. Wow. what a must-read masterpiece . I liked it from the beginning to the end. To be honest I appreciate the way you sincerely expose every minutest detail about your stories, nevertheless , I strongly feel that you were a bit harsh on Mandela being sanctified. In my opinion , Mandela did not ask to be sanctified, he made it clear as you put it, how he felt about the racist apartheid government & the people who continued to vote for it.

I don't think he is bound to apologize for his involvement in the communist-controlled MK, for he made his choice the same way you made yours. He chose his path having calculated the risks , anticipating death every day but trying hard to avoid it , like you & I would have done the same thing to protect our own lives. It is unfair of you to think that a man in mandela's position would see things the way you saw them, because from what I read in your book, you had the benefit of information from both the revolutionaries & your secret service masters , did he ? The only thing that makes me sick with people , on the contrary , is to learn that somebody pretends to be one thing toady & completely a different thing tomorrow (self-righteous hypocrites). In my book, you qualify to be a nobody but for some reason , I love you, perhaps for your candour and being true to yourself, but in as much as you may be hungry to vindicate your soul of some of the attrocities committed by government you worked for, try to forgive yourself for the blood of every freedom fighter, whose capture came up as a result of information supplied directly by you or your agents.

Mandela just like you brother, is as weak and human and so am I. Who else isn't ? Revolutions happen for a reason & they also disband for a reason. I personally just wish that you spent all that God-given intelligence of yours to advise the Apartheid government to strive for democracy & see if the soviet communists would find grounds to infiltrate their diabolical totalitarian dictatorship sentiments within the ANC.
Any way thanks brother. The book is the best.
Madiagane Mokgotho


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