Sunday, Bloody Sunday
A Soldier’s War in Northern Ireland, Rhodesia, Mozambique and Iraq
by Jake Harper Ronald as told to Greg Budd

Jake Harper-Ronald was the official photographer for Britain’s elite 1-Parachute Battalion when they deployed in Londonderry to combat an IRA-inspired ‘peace’ march. Shots were fired at the Paras who returned fire and killed 13 marchers. The day lives on in infamy as ‘Bloody Sunday’. Jake’s photographs are reproduced in this book. He later joined the Rhodesian SAS and then moved to the Selous Scouts, taking part in daring cross-border raids into hostile territory with both units. After the Bush War he joined  the Counter-Intelligence Division of Zimbabwe’s CIO and covertly spied for South African, US and British intelligence. He left the ZCIO to took up a British MI6 offer to run anti-Renamo Militias in Mozambique for them. He afterwards served two tours with a private military company in Iraq. He died of cancer on 5 August, 2007, aged 59.  




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