100%  I can’t stop.  Read and read again.  So many memories to my men.
The Covert War: Koevoet Operations in Namibia: 1979-1989
by Peter Stiff

The mostly untold story of Koevoet – 
the South African Police’s highly successful counter-insurgency unit.
Initially based on the Selous Scouts of Rhodesia, it was formed in 1979 and deployed in Namibia until independence in 1989 when it was disbanded as a sop to the UN.
During its almost ten year existence it fought in 1 615 contacts and killed or captured 3 225 of SWAPO’s PLAN soldiers — the equivalent of almost six battalions of troops. But it paid a high price in blood and lost almost 160 policemen killed in action with another 949 wounded — more grievous casualties than any other South African fighting unit since World War II.

"I believe Peter Stiff’s trilogy is one of the best accounts of the border war"
Ockie Geyser, Professor Emeritus
Professor of History at the University of Free State



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