The Galago Publishing Company opened its doors in Alberton, South Africa, in 1980 under the partnership of Peter Stiff, the author, and Francis Lategan (now Stiff), the artist and author. Its decided policy was to publish high quality general books of southern African interest and its slogan: ‘The home of South Africa’s best selling books’ appeared proudly on its window.

The Rhodesian Bush War had just ended, but only a few books had appeared in the shops dealing with the subject. Selous Scouts: Top Secret War by Lt Col Ron Reid Daly as told to Peter Stiff was the first major title to appear and it established a publishing record, selling some 35 000 hardbacks and 70 000 paperbacks in about two years. This was closely followed by many others. It is true to say that little of the history of the Rhodesian bush war would have been published if it had not been for Galago.

In the mid 1980s attention was turned to political and military subjects closer to home in South Africa, publishing Colonel Jan Breytenbach’s They Live by the Sword, Peter Stiff’s Nine Days of War and many others.

More recently have come Peter Stiff’s blockbusting trilogy on South Africa's secret warfare with The Silent War: South African Recce Operations 1969-1994Warfare by other Means: South Africa in the 1980s and 1990s, and his latest The Covert War: Koevoet Operations 1979-1989.

Galago specialises in publishing southern African histories, biographies, hunting and all other books relating to or of interest to the region.


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